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Susanne Schoeppe is a faculty member at the Hochschule für Musik in Munich, in addition to serving as co-ordinator for Musical Arts at the University of Tabasco, Mexico (UJAT). She also regularly teaches courses and master classes in Europe, USA, Australia and Mexico.

“Choose whichever art form you like, there is one thing that every good teacher will always say: Learn to combine relaxation and activity.”

Aldous Huxley

Susanne helps her students in the solving of the many problems, artistic and otherwise, that arise in the cultural life of today.

“Genauigkeit ist das Synonym von Leichtigkeit”

Emilio Pujol, Gitarrenschule

Susanne Schoeppe is a trained teacher of the Middendorf method “The Perceptible Breath”. This technique enables a natural way of playing which she calls “Body-Listening”.

Susanne:“Our breathing is our non-stop accompanist and our guide to self-experience. It enables us to “feel” ourselves, to “listen” to our bodies.

Breathing exercises with and without our instruments help us to solve many musical problems.

Ich mochte es nach meinen Konzerte den Kommentar zu hören: “Er scheint keine Schwierigkeiten zu kennen, alles wirkt so leicht!”

Fernando Sor, Gitarrenschule

Susanne (from a lecture given as part of a master class):

“Every musician knows the times where everything seems to be easy: I make progress in my work, I finish the day’s practising without a headache, my concerts have just the right touch of nervousness and my playing has ease and intensity.

On the other hand, there are the days when both my technique and my sound seem to be going downhill, the instrument is a stranger to me, the tone is dull and hollow and to perform would be out of the question. Things just aren’t working and everything seems strained and mechanical.

These are the times when we need to change our ways and listen to our bodies …

In der Auseinandersetzung mit meiner Technik stelle ich mir die ständige Frage: “Welche ist die natürlichste Art zu spielen”?

Pablo Casals, Licht und Schatten auf einem langen Weg

The renowned viola da gamba player Jordi Savall lays emphasis on the enormous importance of suppleness which is such an elemental part of my teaching philosophy. In a master class given by Savall he became aware that a student was unable to put his wishes into practice. He then related how lucky he himself had been when, aged 22, he discovered the vital importance of exercises to increase the flexibility and mobility of the body – adding, that this is a never-ending process.”

“Ich habe Susanne als eine inspirierende Lehrerin, die sich ganz auf ihre Studenten einlässt, erlebt.”

Celin Romero

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