Susanne Schoeppe between pillars

“Her tone is wonderfully subtle, but powerful at the same time.”

The Gendai Guitar, Tokyo

Critics worldwide praise the lucidity of Susanne Schoeppe’s interpretation, her sensitive musicianship and the masterly control of her instrument.

Susanne’s concerts are enjoyed not only by lovers of classical music, but by all those who have pleasure in simply listening to music. Her programmes are exactly thought-out musical menus, illustrating all aspects of the exciting and colourful repertoire of the classical guitar.

The driving force behind her professionalism is her intense musicality: deep sincerity and heartfelt emotion join together in giving expression to her passionate love of making music.

Guitar international

Susanne Schoeppe’s concert tours have taken her to four continents and many of the most important musical metropoles: San Francisco, New York, Mexico City, Merida, Sydney, Brisbane, Bangkok, Sankt Petersburg, Munich, Cologne, Prague, Florence etc.

The mellow sounds of Susanne Schoeppe: „It was one of those rare evenings that gleam in the memory – guitar-playing which was artistic without ornateness, without exhibitionism and without affectation.“

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

Romantic Tradition


CD-Cover Diario

Carlos Del Castillo “Los Inditos”

Susanne´s studies in Paris with Alberto Ponce, one of the last and greatest masters of the guitar in the 20th. Century, did not only bring her into contact with the spanish/south american guitar repertoire, but also inspired her enthusiasm for this music, which has a regular place in her concert Programmes!

„This CD gives a musically convincing portrait, not only due to the well thought-out combination of the pieces, but also because of the natural empathy and sensitivity of the interpretation.“

Acoustic Guitar

“Pasìones por Bach”

CD-Cover Pasìones por Bach

With works by Bach, Ponce, Villa-Lobos, del Castillo…

Johann Sebastian Bach “Prelude BWV 998”

Susanne says about her love of the romantic tradition:

"This is a love which was particularly inspired by the Mexican composer Manual Maria Ponce. In my early days as a student in Paris my Mexican teacher Alberto Ponce (no relation to the composer!) awakened my admiration for the works of his namesake, leading me to explore Mexican music still further.

Senor Ponce was a very spirited yet also a patient teacher; in the four years during which I studied unter his supervision in Paris, the only time I upset him was when I played the „Tres Canciones Populares Mexicanos“ too statically and with not enough temperament. I panicked and as a response to my surly objection that I was ‚no Mexican’ he answered impatiently: „This has nothing to do with nationality, there are even Mexicans who play this with too little passion. This is no justification, it is a question of feeling!“Since then, the works of Manuel Ponce have become an essential part of my repertoire. Due to my interest in the music and the people of Mexico I spend several months there each year, teaching at universities and playing at festivals.

Susanne Schoeppe

… And often it is the Canciones Populares Mexicanos which, no matter whether played as encores or as part of the programme, make the Mexican hearts miss a beat. The listeners thank me with tears in their eyes and I thank my teacher for his unlimited patience”

“Her unique performance was received with enthusiasm.”

Oakland Tribune

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