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¡Esplendida Guitarra!


Joaquin Turina 1882-1949
“Hommage à Tárrega” (Garrotin y Soleares ) - Fandanguillo
Ferderico Moreno Torroba 1891-1982
Sonatina (Allegretto-Andante-Allegro)
Manuel M. Ponce 1868-1948
Tema variado y final
Francisco Tárrega 1852-1909
Capricho Arabe – Alborada
El Carneval de Venecia (Grandes variaciones para guitarra)
Manuel M. Ponce
Tres canciones populares mexicanos
Vals y Scherzino mexicano
Carlos del Castillo 1882-1957
Apasionada - En Las Chinampas - Serenata Blanca
(Transc.Susanne Schoeppe)

The guitar in the world of the Classical Sonata

In the musical world of today we are all conversant with the sonatas of Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms etc. However, several of the well-known composers who have written for the guitar, and whom we think of mainly as enhancing its folkloristic image, have also explored ways of using the classical Sonata Form in their works.

The famous guitarist Mauro Guiliani, a friend of Beethoven’s, is the composer of a beautiful sonata which is truly classical, and though the Spaniard Vicente Ascensio makes large use of his country’s folk music in the Suite Valencia, the movements are strongly influenced by the principles governing the sonata. The Sonatina by Moren-Torroba was one of the first (and is today one of the most famous) classical works in the guitar repertoire; Antonio Lauro from Venezuela has created a Sonata which is remarkable in its impressionistic colouring - and to choose between the 6 Sonatas of the Mexican composer Manuel M. Ponce is not at all easy.

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Concert for Kids!

„The winging of the colibri“

A super hot day in Mexico. The sky without any clouds, the sun burns down on our skin. People, exhausted, are sitting on the stairs of the Pyramides. Exotix animals are roaming through the woods. It´s where we meet little Pepito

GUITAR AND MORE: Chamber Music

Cuarteto Arcano

Cuarteto Arcano

S⟨tr⟩inging along: Guitar and String Quartet

The “Cuarteto Arcano” was founded in 2002, upon which followed studies in Madrid, the USA and the most important music colleges in Mexico.  The quartet has also participated in master classes with such famous chamber music ensembles as the Trio Borodin, the Tokio Quartet and the Casals Quartet.

Having won first prizes in the international competitions in San Miguel Allende and the city of Morelia (Mexico), the Cuarteto Arcano has received invitations  to concert tours in Spain, Holland, Japan and Mexico.

The quartet’s repertoire encompasses the complete spectrum of European classical music from baroque to modern and lays special emphasis on the music of Mexico and Latin America.

facebook: cuarteto.arcano

"Love and Loss Suffer and Delight"

Béela Müller, Soprano and Susanne Schoeppe

"Songs by Schubert, Garcia Lorca, Cordero and others"

with Béela Müller, Soprano

Songs Arias Canciones

An entertaining and humorous programme: cheerful Italian arias by Rossini and Guiliani contrast with the melancholy of the fin-de-siècle songs by Reynaldo Hahn and Spanish emotions in the canciones of Cordero and de Falla.

Béela Müller:

Works by Mauro Giuliani, Anton Diabelli, Manuel M. Ponce and Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

Tere Frenk,  pianoTere Frenk,  piano

with Tere Frenk, piano

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